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As a business owner, we know that you have to spend your money wisely and dedicating your funds to marketing is an important decision. We are here to assist your with this decision. Since we are in the Profit Generation business, we thought it would be good to help identify those of you who should NOT hire us first.

Top 5 Reasons to NOT hire us
  1. Your company is so overwhelmed with customers that you cannot bear to have one more walk through your door. In fact, you are so busy now that you have to double your staff just keep up with the demand. If this is the case, please turn off your computer and go help your customers.
  2. You have a such a high conversion rate ( turning prospects into clients) that you don't have to worry about new clients. All you have to do to attract clients is to put a small ad in the local newspaper, and they come running.
  3. Your company has staff that is dedicated to Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Pay-Per Click advertising. Because of having an SEO Department your company is on the cutting edge of optimization strategies and techniques. You also know which techniques can get you banned from Google...and which can get you to the top.
  4. You do not believe that any of your customers are on the internet. That somehow, having a presence on the internet will, in fact, hurt your reputation as a business owner.
  5. And finally, you think the internet is a fad, much like disco or the "Pet Rock". You believe that the fact that there are billions of dollars spent each day online is not an indication of future performance. If you feel this way, please...please do not hire us.
If the above reasons apply to you, do not read any further.

We are experts in SEO/SEM, PPC and Product Launches. Our mission is to increase your sales-period. An increase of traffic to your site of 10,000 visitors without an increase of sales is not our goal. Our focus is on profit generation.

So with that in mind:

The Top 3 Reasons to hire our firm
  1. Your company is in need of an increase of customers. You recognize that the traditional marketing mediums simply do not work as they used to.
  2. You have a website, but you do not feel that it is doing as well as it should. Having a nice looking website is one thing; people finding it is something else. And those who are coming to the site, are not purchasing. Conversion and Testing.
  3. You are ready to make a change. You know that the
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    Internet is where the future is and you are no longer going to just do the same old marketing (yellow pages, newspaper ads) and cross your fingers to hope it works. You want to bring an experienced team in to give you a significant advantage over others in your market, so you can rest easy knowing that you have Quadrant on your side, and the competition doesn't.

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