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Our Commitment to you, our Partner

When you sign on as a QIS Partner, we focus solely on the success of your business. In fact, we take it a step further. We pledge that we will not sign another business who you compete with for the same keywords. In other words, when you commit to us, we commit to you.

Local Search

Google's Universal Search has transformed how people discover local products/services. Typing in a single keyword, like "lawyer", will give you a listing of the Top 10 lawyers in your area along with a map. This has created a huge opportunity for those in the Top 10....and we know what it takes to get you there.

"Yeah, but I advertise in the Yellow Pages".

Its no secret that more and more people are turning to Search Engines for products/services. With Google's Universal Search, this has greater impact as the results page now has a familiar map with listings on the right side. That is where our expertise comes in, to get you in the Top Ten.

While we feel that there is a place for the Yellow Pages, there are far more opportunities with Google's Local Search. Yellow Pages, over time will become a thing of the past (or, as in our office, a foot stool.). Your customers will turn to Google, the question really is... will you be there?

What are the benefits of being in the Top Ten for Local Search?

Certainly, it depends on the market, but in general it can transform your business. More potential clients find out about you, more clients walking into your store/office, more opportunity for you to make a sale. That is a winning formula.

To give you a real example, lets say you run law practice in Austin Texas. A potential client goes onto Google and types in "injury lawyer Austin". As you can see from the image on the right, Google gives you a map with the top 10 results on the side. As you can imagine, most people looking for an injury lawyer in Austin are going to click on one of the results next to the map. They click on your link and are taken to your website or simply call you from the phone number you have listed.

This is a perfect example of a client whom you would have never been able to contact as they would have found one your competitors who is now listed in the Top Ten.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in our ability to get you into the Top 10 Listing we offer a Money Back Guarantee. If we do not get you into the Top 10 within the timeframe agreed upon we will give you a 100% refund. No questions asked.

Local Search
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