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At Quadrant, we are unsurpassed at search engine optimization (SEO). While others promise traffic, we promise sales or leads depending on your business model. We do this by analyzing which keywords are driving your sales and concentrating our SEO efforts on those keywords that convert.

As in most areas of your business, the Pareto principle applies in that 20% of your keywords will generally provide 80% of your online revenue. With proper tracking, we determine which keywords belong to this 20% and focus our efforts here to place your site at the top of Google and other search engine results. In addition, we carefully monitor the frequency of converting keywords and adjust accordingly.

What about finding new keywords?

We do that as well. SEO starts with extensive keyword research. We then map those keywords to the appropriate page on your site. But we take it deeper than that. You see a keyword is not just a keyword, it is a customer or potential customer typing a word or phrase into a search engine. We prefer to look at a "keyword" as a conversation. We optimize your site not only for search engines but also to continue this conversation, all the while keeping in mind your brand. By anticipating your prospects thought process, we bring YOU or your company closer to the sale Period.

So how do we do this?

We write copy (when requested) for your title tag and description that is captivating and entices the prospect to click over to your site. This is where the conversation can be continued or expanded upon and your offer presented. We not only optimize your pages for Google but also for your customers.

A complimentary service we provide is Conversion Analysis, which includes copywriting, extensive testing, and web design best practices. By combining our SEO services with our Conversion Analysis services we can track exactly, which keywords are generating your sales and gain top rankings for those keywords. The combination of these two services not only guarantees that we are sending targeted traffic to your site but also that we are helping you convert that traffic into customers because in the end rankings mean little without sales. See our Conversion Analysis page for more information on what we do to make sure your site converts.

Call us now at (800) 717-9953 to learn more about how we can earn your company top search engine ranking and increase your revenues exponentially.

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