We signed on with Bill and his team nearly a year ago. We had our online site for 3 years, and were interested in increasing traffic and sales (who's not). We had joined and paid for one of the best known SEO training and traffic programs, and participated for several years. We knew exactly what to do and were doing it. The big problem we had was volume and how to get everything done. We just didn't have the time to do the work ourselves or teach someone else to do it for us at our site. We simply couldn't do it all ourselves, and decided to add help from Bill.

RESULTS! After less than a year with Bill and his team we have doubled our traffic. We have a very good conversion rate, and we feel confident that is because we know our niche and the products that niche wants. With a doubling of our traffic, our conversion rate has gone down a bit, less than 10%, but with a 100% increase in traffic that is expected. Obviously we couldn't be more pleased.

Ray P, Raleigh, NC

That said, your stuff is working. My traffic has almost tripled.
I like what I see here Bill.
I like what I see...
Traffic was up by 60 yesterday...
Looking Good!


I'm very happy with the service I've received so far and am pretty impressed with the way you guys operate.


I apologize that I haven't gotten back with you sooner about the last report, but we are indeed very pleased. Thanks for all your hard work. We appreciate your efforts. Regards,


We have been so extremely pleased with our placement in the search engines.

Thank you for the great job!



I have been very happy with the progress of your company, I am recommending your services to a client of mine.


These reports are just fantastic!
Sounds great!...


Thank you for this report and also for your holiday notes.

Thanks for everything you've done for me-I'm looking forward to 2009 and hope it will be terrific for both of us.



Thanks a million, Bill. Finally!

I really appreciate the work your guy(s) did. The site is now loading MUCH faster.



We continue to be impressed with our ranking progress and your work on our behalf. Love the video...there's no way we would be doing that without you!
I think the directive for the immediate future is to stay the course... we are looking forward to a very profitable collaboration in 2009.

Thank you (all) for your part in our success,


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