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Imagine you own a local furniture store. Every time a customer is in your store, they make sure to let you know which ad in the paper prompted them to come into shop. Then, as they browse the store, they take notes for you on which color "On Sale" sign in your store influenced their buying decisions. They also let you know which displays they did not like.

Then they tell you, in vivid detail, if your prices are too high or too low and if your sales people are helpful or not.

If your customers did this...do you think you could make some valuable changes to your business?

Analytics - Your New Best Friend

The above scenario is possible with a website with Google Analytics installed. You have at your fingertips information about your customers that normal "Brick and Mortar" stores would die for.

You would know which page people liked ( and did not like). Which banner they clicked on the most, which website they came from and a whole lot more.

So, it's obvious that this is valuable information, but how can you utilize this to affect your bottom line? The answer...is Split Testing.

Split Testing = Money

Just like you would rearrange your furniture store with the feedback you got, you can rearrange your website based on the same feedback.

For example, what if you found that 40% of the people who came to your home page, immediately left your site without clicking on anything.

To split test, you could create a completely different home page. Then, using special software let 50 people see the old page, then 50 people see the new improved page. You could see which page people responded to more favorably.

One of our favorite split testing stories was the website that increased sales by 30% by changing the background color of their website. Split Testing = Money!

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