How The Development Works For

  1. Choose a Questionnaire form to download and fill that best suits your site. Just click on the appropriate button below, one OR the other.
  • Download the appropriate PDF file, complete it and send it back to [email protected]
  • Quadrant Marketing Solutions (QMS) team receives the form and investigates what’s needed for the site.
  • QMS will get back to the client within 48-72 hours with questions when necessary. QMS will then prepare and send the quotation to the client.
  • Client receives the quotation and either accepts the quotation or not.
  • If accepted, client notifies QMS team.
  • QMS team sends an invoice for 40% of the quoted price as a down payment.
  • Client Pays the invoice.
  • QMS starts the design aspect of the project.
  • When working on the project, QMS and the Client can exchange thoughts through email or chat or with the use of the Project Management System.
  • At the completion of the first phase of the design, QMS will prepare a suitable mock up design which we believe would meet with the clients possible approval in principle.
  • QMS will make alterations based on the client’s input and comments from the mock up given. Once changes are completed, QMS will send it to the client. Other samples would be provided as necessary in a similar way along the route to the final product. Usually 3 or 4 iterations are plenty.
  • Once approved, QMS will then proceed immediately to the Programming and development phase proper.
  • During this development phase, the client would normally communicate directly with the Project Manager responsible for the said project. This aids good communication on both sides in terms of quality, speed and problem solving.
  • When project’s main development activities are completed, QMS invoice the client for another 50% of the quoted price.
  • The client would then tests the functionality to see if it meets their requirements as specified. We give them up to a week to do this.
  • Upon approval of the design and functionality by the client, QMS sends another invoice of 10% of the quoted price as the final payment against project completion.
  • NOTE:

    • On the odd occasion issues arise that were not apparent at the commencement of the project or perhaps the client decides for good reasons to change their original design or functionality requirements. In many cases, several small adjustments can comfortably be absorbed into our development process at no extra cost. However, on occasion the modifications are so large that this cannot realistically be absorbed without a cost and time revision. In the event of that happening we pause the project and re-evaluate the work involved. Then we revise the estimate and prepare another quotation and go through the approval process again. The necessary amendments are then issued to the project specification and the project is restarted.
    • QMS will fix issues on the site for up to 30 days completion of the project. Provided that these issues are within the scope of the original quotation, otherwise QMS will do another quotation to complete these changes.

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